Northern Art

Painting vs Reality

The very foundation of much of Northern Art is the location of the painting. Some paintings are of the regions most famous landmarks and areas, others take inspiration from the more unique little treasures that are dotted throughout the North of England. Alexander Millar uses these locations, such as back streets, bars and the working class roots of the area. Millar has visited many areas that are off the beaten track to find those pockets of northern life that show the true reality and meaning in the heritage of the area. So these locations are now famous thanks to being the centrepiece of Alexander Millar's superb works, but what do these paintings look like in real life?

Alexander Millar: Lounge Lizard, Norries Bar.

Alexander Millar's atmospheric painting of a man walking past a bar called Norries Bar, is the result of a trip to Edinburgh for the talented artist. Millar visited the city and produced a number of beautiful paintings that document his travels, he has since revisited these now famous locations, to enjoy the scene of such inspiration.

Here we have the painting versus the reality as well as the artwork location and street view so you can dive into the painting itself and explore the area: