Painting Vs Reality

with Glyn Macey

The Cornish landscape is hailed as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK and can often rival the beauty found in mainland Europe, making Cornish Art one of the most popular categories of artwork to own. One artist in particular captures this like no other, Glyn Macey. Macey uses a variety of mediums including paints, pencils, gloss and collage items to build atmospheric depictions of this glorious scenery that have a continental look. Macey often merges scenes to create whole new ones in his artist quests, making each painting unique. Taking the Cornish landscape and manipulating it to show the feel on the day is what makes Macey's work so distinct from others. He often passes on what he has learnt through video tutorials to invite you into his way of working. We jump into his world through his creations, but what do they look like in reality? We can explore the areas here and see what the inspiration for his work looks like in real life.

Glyn Macey: Estuary Dawn

Glyn Macey is an established artist, living and working in and around Penzance, Cornwall. Macey has managed to develop a unique style of recreating his surrounding areas, using acrylics and mixed media, he often combines elements of various landscapes to create new and exciting images. The images Estuary Dawn and Estuary Light, among others in this collection, are heavily influenced by areas including Mevagissey, Mousehole and Penzance.