Painting Vs Reality

with Gill Watkiss

One of the most recognisable aspects of Cornish life is the scenery. Often shown in Cornish Art, in the height of summer or with calm seas, artist, Gill Watkiss scraps this idea but still manages to withhold an authentic charm even on the windiest of days. Taking harsh skies, raging sees and the ruthless weather that the south coast can bear, and adding almost blown over but warm and characterful people to show the heart in the place. We delve into her world to see for ourselves the changing scenery, seeing the Cornish painting in real life.

Gill Watkiss: The Visitors, Portreath

Going against the natural ora of the area, Gill Watkiss is more inspired by the harsh Atlantic weather fronts that sweep across the landscape. Since moving to the area in 1959, Watkiss has often depicted these extreme and dramatic scenes and highlighted the struggle of humans braving the harsh weather conditions. The figures Watkiss creates are often enough to make her style unique and immediately recognisable, but coupled with the almost dreamlike landscapes that accompany them it suddenly becomes crystal clear why her popularity has soared in recent years.
Here we have the original painting, The Visitors, Portreath, versus the reality: