Painting Vs Reality

with Bryan Pearce

Hailed as some of the most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom, Cornwall and St Ives art often focuses on depicting the feeling of calmness, tranquillity and elegance of the landscapes. Bryan Pearce, an artist famed for his 'naïve' style, perhaps exhibited this more than most thanks to his unique take on the world around him. Always showing each scene with sun, he epitomises the beauty of St Ives with his choices of colour combinations and 'spin' on an ever changing landscape. Famed as Britain's 'most renowned' in creating this 'naïve' style, we show you what the painting scene looks like in reality and the surrounding locations so you can see the beauty for yourself.

Bryan Pearce: Boats at Smeatons Tower

Bryan Pearce was a very popular artist who studied, lived and breathed art in St Ives. Pearce followed in his mothers footsteps by becoming an artist, she encouraged this form of expression due to Pearce's learning difficulties. Pearce is hailed as a 'pure' and 'naïve' artist thanks to his style of painting. Opting for pure observation and taking the 3d, often messy, world and transforming this into a beautiful flat image using solid, bright colours outlined with a thick black outline (resembling the art of stained glass). His works of art often included landmarks of his home town, such as this one of boats by Smeatons Tower.